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Naphill Village Hall, at the centre of village life.
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Website Information

Please note the following :

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1. Displaying the contents of PDF files

If you select a menu or a drop down menu that contains an Adobe PDF file the contents may obscure the remaining menu buttons. This is not a fault in the Website, but is caused by the way that some browsers display Adobe PDF files i.e. they will always be placed in front of everything else, unfortunately this effect cannot be prevented.

In order to view what is behind the PDF file you will need to click on the "Go Back Button" i.e. the blue circle with the white arrow at the top left hand corner of your screen.

In order to overcome the above issue, we would recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Windows  10 only) as your internet browser.

   2. In order to view PDF (Portable Document Format files), you will need a PDF reader. Most computers already       
   have a PDF reader installed, if not you can download the free Adobe PDF reader :-

     Unless you want the Optional Offers, we would advise unticking the check boxes for these offers.

  3. The Trustee Only Page

This page is for Naphill Village Hall Trustees only and is password protected. In oder to access this page you need to obtain the necessary password from the Secretary. Once you have obtained the password please enter your name and password in the fields shown. Please note that both your name and password are "case-sensitive". Due to the files on this page being located in "The Cloud" i.e. Dropbox files there may be a slight delay in the files loading.




"a centre that will radiate good fellowship"
S.F. Piercy Village Hall Secretary May 1943.
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