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Naphill Village Hall, at the centre of village life.
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Website background page pictorial hand drawn
map of Naphill reproduced by kind permission of

Phillip Hussey

History of Naphill Village Hall by S. F. Piercy (May 1943)
This booklet is reproduced here by kind permission of the
Great Grandson of S. F. Piercy

Matt Piercy

Photographs of The Village Hall and Grounds

Judy Whitehouse

Photographs of the Main Hall

Dave Evans

Fireworks Display Photographs Courtesy of

Gary Britton

Website Design

Judy Whitehouse
Jim Cosgrove

Spiritual Guidance


Nutritional Support to Judy Whitehouse

Peanut M & Ms

"a centre that will radiate good fellowship"
S.F. Piercy Village Hall Secretary May 1943.
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